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Willow Tree Everyday Blessings (Artikelnummer: 27823)


“I was thinking about making art that reflects the natural beauty all around us—that causes us to change our mood or lift our spirits… For me, beauty found in nature has this transformative power. This figure presents the many small miracles happening all around us. Her open arms are a historical and universal gesture of blessing, both welcoming and inclusive. Her carvings, dotted with gold, of plants, flowers, birds, butterflies, the cycle of seasons, are the everyday earthly blessings that enrich our lives immeasurably. Everyday Blessings could be a gift to celebrate friendship, a love of nature, or be a welcoming presence in the home. She could be placed in the Nativity as an angel, offering her precious gifts, or stand alone as a unique holiday piece.” —Susan Lordi


höhe: 17.5 cm

Hersteller: Willow Tree by Susan Lordi
Preis: 61.00 CHFr.
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